Joy Maree Thompson (ne Harpur) Sensei

Sensei Joy

Date of Birth: 2 November 1971

Current Dojo: Halswell, Christchurch

Year Started Martial Arts: 1988 Fuji Ryu Goshin Do Jiu Jitsu

Year Started SKJJ: 8th November 1992 (founding member)

Current Grade SKJJ: 5th Dan

Other Grades: San Kyu Seibukan, San Kyu Judo

Other Martial Arts Experience: Karate, Judo, Iaido, Boxing

Main Instructor: Alistair Thompson Shihan, Sakura Kan Jiu Jitsu

Other influencing Instructors:

Favorite Technique: Shime Waza

Most Memorable Martial Arts Moment: It’s all good but mainly when our students do well

Other Magic Moments:

Favorite Saying: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters it’s the size of the fight in the dog!

Other Skills:

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